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• Elías López Montero, presented the project VERUM by verum in the 5th edition of “terroir wines”

• VERUM MARÍA VICTORIA made with the malbec variety, is the first wine from Bodegas Verum as a part of the winery project in Patagonia Argentina.


Elías López Montero, winemaker and member of the López Montero family that owns Bodegas y Viñedos VERUM, the first Spanish winery to produce wines  in Patagonia Argentina,  presented the project VERUM by verum at the 5th Salón Vinos de Terruño held in Madrid. The tasting was attended by different buyers, sommeliers and Japanese importers who had the opportunity to know the project and tasted 4 Patagonian wines, with a special role for VERUM MARIA VICTORIA, 100% malbec wine made by Elías, who travels 3 times a year to Patagonia, including the harvesting period in February, to conduct the harvest and participate in the crianza-evolution processes of the wine until its bottling.


En próximas vendimias, irá sumando referencias a VERUM MARÍA VICTORIA en un proyecto innovador tanto en el concepto del vino como en los procesos de elaboración.

With expertise in elaborations in the southern hemisphere (South Africa) in addition to other Spanish regions, Elías expressed the desire to experience in other latitudes and fate has led him there. Climate change seem to point to the fact that North is the future but Elías is among the few to discover that further south, there are also exceptional conditions for growing vines. In the Argentinian winery there is also an exceptional winemaker: Hans Vinding Diers, owner of Noemia winery and born in South Africa, also with a reputation thanks to his work in Australia, Chile, Uruguay, South Africa, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Hungary. This winemaker is creator of the prestigious wines Chacra of Patagonia. Two of his wines are among the top 10 in Argentina according to Robert Parker. Now he has joined the VERUM by Verum project. In the harvest to come, he will add references to VERUM MARÍA VICTORIA in an innovative project both in the wine concept and in the elaboration processes.

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