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  • English wine writer Jancis Robinson has published an article in FINANCIAL TIMES highlighting her cult wines of the future. She replicated the article on its website, one of the most consulted in the world.
  • This single-varietal airén comes from the “Las Tinadas” estate, an organic farming vineyard with vines planted in “pie franco” (ungrafted vines) system in 1950.


Verum Las Tinadas airén Pie franco is once again attracting the attention of specialized critics. In this case it is the Financial Times with an article by Jancis Robinson about his cult wines of the future in which she nominates  this wine from a Tomelloso winery along with two more from Jerez and four international ones.


Specialized critics and sommelier professionals are highlighting this  wine of the AIRÉN variety and Verum, who prove that with old vines, a good interpretation of the land and a careful vinification, great white wines can be made.


The grapes come from the “Las Tinadas” estate, a 4-hectare plot planted in 1950, planted in “pie franco” (ungrafted vines) system. Since 2013, the vineyard is organic. The grapes go through a sorting table and after fermentation at low temperature in stainless steel tanks, they age for 4 months in 5000-liter clay anphoras (“Tinajas”) and then 8 months more in stainless steel tanks. Native yeasts chosen in the vineyard itself and reproduced in the laboratory are used for fermentation; Verum owns the exclusivity of this yeast.


When talking about Airén, we are probably talking about the variety that has been traditionally scorned by  criticism in the history of wine, which is why Bodegas Verum is especially proud to show how great white wines can be made in Castilla-La Mancha with its most important native grape  and pave the way for other wineries to cast aside their complexes with the most widely planted white grape variety for winemaking in the world, which is found almost exclusively in La Mancha region.


In addition to the recovery and revitalisation of minority native grape varieties of the ULTERIOR range, this airén is Elías López Montero´s bet  (one of the 10 oenologists called to change wine in Spain by DECANTER in its March 2018 issue) to promote the uniqueness of the Airén variety and its varietal expression in a historical vineyard.


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