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+  The presentation coincides with the inauguration of the exhibition of the winner photographs of the II Verum National Photograph Competition Wine and Harvest.

+ Last Friday 3rd June we had the tasting in El Rinconcito, popular local wine place in Tomelloso.

+ The aromatic Malvasía of Verum is the first one elaborated in Castilla La Mancha with this appreciated variety, more typical of Canary Islands and Mediterranean places.

malvasia9th June is the chosen day by Bodegas Verum to begin the exhibition of the winner photographs of the II Verum National Photograph Competition Wine and Harvest in the restaurant Metro Bistró, sited in C/ Imperial nº 3 of the capital. Coinciding with the inauguration, the new vintages of the winery, among others, like the last creation Malvasía Aromatic, will be presented to the public in Madrid. A dry wine, full of floral aromas and an unctuous character, with good acidity and long finish.

Verum is the first winery in Castilla La Mancha to bet on the aromatic malvasia, variety normally found in the Canary Islands apart from other provinces in Spain. Talk about the malvasía means talking about the oldest variety known. Its origin is confusing although it is normally in Grece; it was then distributed from the ancient Greek islands all over the Mediterranean arriving to the Canary Islands short after it was conquered.

Bodegas Verum bet on the Malvasia because of its innovation in the wine industry. The election is not a whim but a clear and defined bet to change La Mancha wine scene, aromatic wines good in mouth and acidity, something viable thanks to these type of projects. Don’t forget that the winery is the pioneer to bring varieties such as the Gewürztraminer to the region.

The design in the bottle shows a duck which shares the name with the “MALVASIA cabeciblanca” that can be found in the wetlands in La Mancha, closed to Tomelloso. Its peculiar blue beak gives the background color to the label and its figure is the emblem.

To Elías Lopez, winemaker in the winery, the elaboration of this wine means a challenge as much a satisfaction, because there are not similar examples in the region and at the same time shows how Castilla La Mancha is the ground of great white wines, a region to be oenologically discovered.

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